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Headhunting and Herbalists in Manipur

Date: October 20, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (24.99°N, 93.41°E)

In the northeast Indian state of Manipur, Salopek has found the trails to be busy. As he has walked, he has met slash and burn farmers, plantation owners and wandering herbalists.

The herbalist, Ahumei Pamei, showed off an impressive natural knowledge. Whistling to imitate their different calls, he serenaded the birds of Manipur's forests for almost 30 minutes. Salopek uploaded a short video of the performance.

The Zeme Naga are the dominant ethnic group in this area of India and Salopek has been traveling between some ancient Zeme villages. These villages are often perched on ridge tops, which protected their historical occupants from head-hunting raiders!


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