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Paul Salopek / Out of Eden

Clear Skies and Snow-Capped Peaks

Date: April 13, 2022
Approximate GPS Location: (27.93°N, 102.29°W)

Salopek has posted more information on his trek through the far eastern Himalayas. From Yunnan, they crossed into Sichuan province, still hiking old tea trails and caravan routes. They then picked their way through Muli, “the remote Tibetan hinterlands of southwestern Sichuan”, moving from village to village.

Sichuan’s Hengduan Mountains were stunning, with clear blue skies and ice-capped peaks. Their crossing included passes above 14,000 feet (4,500m). Every 100 miles, Salopek records a waypoint marker and interviews the first person he encounters. On March 25, he took his latest “snapshot” and logged day 3,361 of the Out of Eden walk near a logging camp in Sichuan.


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