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6,700 Miles into his Quest, Salopek Reaches Milestone 68

Date: September 22, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (25.41°N, 92.79°E)

Salopek continues his walk across the Indian state of Assam and has detailed his latest milestone. After 2,253 days of walking and 6,700 miles, he passed milestone 68 in West Bengal. Often, these milestones occur in the middle-of-nowhere, but milestone 68 saw Salopek and his walking partner Siddharth Agarwal arrive at a shady roadside cafe.

As he has at each milestone, Salopek interviewed the first person they met. They asked Mona Sakar, a lottery ticket salesman, where he was going. “To sell lottery tickets. I sell only West Bengal and Nagaland state lottery tickets. Before that, I used to do daily wage physical labor work. I don’t gamble myself. Not really. Just sometimes, when I feel like it,” he answered. The man didn't seem eager to talk further and quickly hurried off.

Salopek's series of short videos continues, with snapshots of village markets, rice fields, a headman's bamboo home and his latest video dispatch examining the brick producing industry in India. He explains how millions of workers “still endure conditions that one human right's group calls systematic slavery.”




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