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Mission Yangtze/Ash Dykes

Dykes Reaches Yangtze Half-Way Point

Date: January 12, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (26.57°N, 101.59°E)

Dykes had re-started his journey on December 30th with his friend and fellow adventurer, Mat Norman. This portion of the Yangtze takes Dykes through a part of China that is rich in ethnic minorities. A group of local Bai minority people told Dykes that he and Mat were the first westerners to ever visit. They put on a spectacle and he was invited to a feast and housewarming party in the mountains. It was lively, and Dykes and Mat participated in a lot of dancing.

Not long after, however, Mat had the unfortunate fate to injure his leg and was forced to leave the journey indefinitely. He hitched a ride to Panzhihua, a medium-sized town of 1.5 million people further down the river.

Dykes says the terrain is brutal with V-shaped valleys forcing him up over the ridges. He also narrowly avoided another dog attack.

On January 10, Dykes had achieved the half-way point on the Yangtze in Panzhihua where the river has winded its way back into Sichuan province. This marks an impressive 136 days walked on 2000 miles of the river.


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