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Jelle Veyt

Wind, Waves and Sickness Derail Seven Summits Bid

Date: March 15, 2021
Approximate GPS Location: (28.44°N, 16.20°W)

After his cycle ride from Belgium to Portugal, Veyt set off on a much tougher challenge. Together with two friends, he set out to row across the Atlantic to Miami.

The trio set out on February 25 and almost immediately found it tough to make progress. Veyt experienced horrible seasickness and was unable to eat or drink much. This in turn made it almost impossible for him to row. The plan had been to row in shifts of two hours, with at least one person always rowing. Unfortunately, the crew were now effectively a man down.

By March 5, Veyt was feeling a bit better. However, strong headwinds and waves up to four meters high did little to raise morale. The team elected to drop their sea anchor for a day to rest and regain their energy.

It seems the day off was not enough. On March 10, Veyt announced that continuing into the open ocean would be too dangerous. He couldn’t shake seasickness and the crew had decided to head for Tenerife, Spain. They arrived on March 13 and Veyt will end his attempt to row across the Atlantic.

He has been keen to emphasise that this does not mean he is giving up on his human-powered seven summits. For now, we await news on how he will restructure his journey to Denali.


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