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Jelle Veyt

Warming Up on Mount Meru

Date: September 16, 2021
Approximate GPS Location: (3.38°S, 36.68°E)

Jelle Veyt is preparing for the final stage of his quest to Kilimanjaro. In late August he crossed into Tanzania and he has meandered his way toward Africa’s highest mountain taking in some of the country’s sights.

First, he cycled through Katavi National Park. Due to the danger posed by the wildlife he was advised to cycle only during the warmest part of the day, as this is when animals like lions are least active.

The ride was only 37 miles, but it was tough going in the extreme heat. However, the worst part of the ride was the tsetse flies, blood-sucking critters that can leave horrible bites. “They get very active in the warmest moments and they made the drive hell!” Veyt explained in his latest blog post.

After Katavi, Veyt arrived in Arusha at the foot of Mount Meru. Veyt had decided to use Mount Meru as a warmup climb before tackling Kilimanjaro. He took a couple of days off to sight-see and give some talks at local charities before setting off with a small group to climb the peak. On September 13 he topped out with some sublime views.

Next, he’ll meet some friends, ready to climb his true goal, Kilimanjaro.


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