Human-Powered Seven Summits
Human-Powered Seven Summits

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Jelle Veyt

Veyt Stranded in the Congo as the World Closes Borders

Date: March 23, 2020
Approximate GPS Location: (4.58°S, 12.07°E)

Jelle Veyt sped through Cameroon on his way to the capital, Yaounde. Here, he would be staying with his friend Matthias. It was a welcome break, and a chance to pick up some supplies sent over by his family and girlfriend before continuing into Gabon.

Gabon provided spectacular scenery and a chance meeting with two other long-distance cyclists. He also crossed the equator in Gabon. It marks the second time Veyt has crossed the equator under human-power during his project, and he joked that the only way he plans to celebrate is by cycling the remaining 4,349 miles to Kilamanjaro!

In extreme heat, he cycled on into the Republic of the Congo while trying to keep an eye on the news for updates on the spread of the COVID-19 virus. It is the rainy season but Veyt hasn’t seen much of the rain, except for a few muddy roads turned into swampy obstacle courses.

Then, disaster struck. In his latest update, COVID-19 has finally derailed his plans. Things changed fast as countries began to close their borders and Veyt quickly scrambled to organise a flight home. Unfortunately, he may have been too late. His flight from Pointe Noire has been cancelled and all airports are officially closed. For now, he’ll have to stay put. “These are uncertain and emotional times,” he explained. “Stay strong out there!”


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