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Jelle Veyt

Siberia Crossing Halted by Russian Invasion

Date: March 15, 2022
Approximate GPS Location: (44.83°N, 6.26°E)

In our last update, Veyt announced that he would take on the Bering Strait en route to Denali. He planned to cycle up to Siberia and then row the short distance across to Alaska.

Unfortunately, his plans have been completely scuppered by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Traveling in Siberia’s border region requires special permissions and Veyt has decided to cancel the trip, electing to try and find another way to Denali.

Veyt suggests that he might return to an old plan: sailing across the Atlantic. In the meantime, he is training and learning new skills that will be required to tick off the remaining summits.

Currently, he is focused on ski-mountaineering. “As I've never really skied in my life before I had a pretty hard week keeping up straight on this ski mountaineering course,” he explained in a recent post while training in the Alps.


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