Jelle Veyt

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Jelle Veyt

From Mountain Forests to Desert and Back Again

Date: May 12, 2023
Approximate GPS Location: (19.43°N, 99.16°W)

In Oaxaca, Jelle Veyt’s partner left to return to Belgium. “Leaving Oaxaca, I felt lovely. I took quiet roads and camping spots to reconnect with myself and nature,” Veyt wrote shortly afterwards.

It’s fortunate that he took some time to himself as soon after he was cycling into the chaos of Mexico City. He took the subsequent weekend off to go climbing with some locals just outside the city.

Leaving Mexico City he had two options, an easy route on a major highway, or a mountainous trail up to 12,000ft (3,700m). Veyt elected to take the scenic route and didn’t see another soul all day. “Although it was hard, it was rewarding and worth it,” he wrote.

After the mountains it was into the Mexican desert and more hard riding. Gravel roads made for slow going, but at least he had his choice of camping locations!

Finally, in mid-May, it was back into the mountains again, climbing into Mexico’s green hills.


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Jelle Veyt

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