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Jelle Veyt

Closing in on Kilimanjaro

Date: August 31, 2021
Approximate GPS Location: (9.31°S, 32.94°E)

Arriving in Zambia, Veyt was pleased to find better roads, more careful drivers, and well-stocked shops. This was a relief after some hair-raising experiences in the Democratic Republic of the Congo!

For most of his time in Zambia, he was riding on a plateau at around 1,500m (4,900 ft). However, the plateau meant he battled constant headwinds and an undulating road. He decided to take a few days off in Mutinondo Wilderness, a nature reserve where he could recover his strength and enjoy some good, healthy food.

Next, he headed north towards Tanzania. By the time he crossed the border he had less than 620 miles remaining to Kilimanjaro.


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