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Bridget McCutchen

The Tip of South America

Date: March 30, 2023
Approximate GPS Location: (54.8°S, 68.2°W)

After a dramatic, and traumatic, couple of weeks, McCutchen and her friend Kiva deserved some better luck. Thankfully, some gear companies and a group of riders from the Women’s International Motorcycle Association (WIMA) came together to help the pair out after they were robbed in mid-February. The group from WIMA was en route to Santiago for their own tour and dropped off a load of gear so that McCutchen and Kiva could continue riding.

Shortly after, they rode on into Patagonia. They stopped by the Cueva de las Manos world heritage site to see the 9,000-year-old cave paintings preserved there and ended up camped out nearby overnight in extremely windy conditions.

Next, it was past the spectacular Perito Moreno glacier and along the “slightly overhyped 73 Malditos (cursed kilometers) of loose gravel.”

On March 20 they reached the final destination of this stage of McCutchen’s journey, Ushuaia and the very tip of South America. “Over seven months. 12 countries. 24,000 miles. I've crashed, I've been hit by a car, I've been robbed, and at the same time, I've been shown more kindness than I've ever deserved. I've met so many wonderful people and made a few good friends. I've seen more of the world than I ever thought I would,” McCutchen wrote.

Next up, McCutchen will travel to Europe to continue her world circumnavigation attempt.


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