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Bridget McCutchen

New Expedition: Bridget McCutchen Aims to Ride Around the World

Date: December 13, 2022
Approximate GPS Location: (16.73°N, 92.64°W)

Bridget McCutchen set off from her home in Ashland, Wisconsin on August 11 with a grand goal, she aims to become the youngest woman to travel around the world by motorcycle.

She must abide by several rules to have a shot at the record. She’ll have to start and finish at the same location on the same bike, the journey must be continuous (with each leg beginning where the last ended if completing the journey in stages), she must cover a minimum of 24,900mi (40,075km), and she needs to cross the equator and two antipode points.
According to McCutchen, there is no current female record holder, but Henry Crew holds the men’s record. Crew finished his journey aged 23.

McCutchen’s route is flexible, with only a rough plan on which countries she will cross and how much mileage she’ll put in per day. However, the first stage of her journey is already taking shape. She has blitzed through the United States and already made it to southern Mexico.

She plans to continue south into South America before eventually shipping the bike to Morocco to begin the next leg.


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