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Bridget McCutchen

McCutchen Just Three Weeks From World Record

Date: October 24, 2023
Approximate GPS Location: (13.76°N, 100.51°E)

After Pakistan, McCutchen blitzed through northern India, quickly crossing into Nepal and using up the final page in her passport in the process. "Once I entered Nepal, even just across the border, it had a completely different feel than India. There were thick jungles, complete with warnings of tigers that might come out to attack motorcyclists," she wrote.

In the popular tourist city of Pokhara, she was joined by a film crew planning to make a documentary about her trip. They shot some footage in the area and then moved to Kathmandu in convoy. McCutchen was smitten by the lively city, describing it as "absolutely one of my favorite cities so far."

Next, because of the instability in Myanmar, McCutchen had to send her bike to Bangkok and fly down to be reunited. Now in Bangkok, McCutchen only has a few weeks left. She is aiming to finish her round-the-world trip by November 4.




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