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Colin O'Brady & Lou Rudd

Race Ends, Rudd Completes Traverse

Date: January 02, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (90.00°S, 0.00°)

The Great Antarctic Race has wrapped up, with Lou Rudd completing the second ever unsupported, unassisted, solo traverse just two days after Colin O'Brady.

As O'Brady finished early on day 54, Rudd still had well over 50 miles remaining to the Ross Ice Shelf. That day Rudd set a new personal best, covering 28 miles as he descended the Leverett Glacier toward the sea-ice. The very next day he shattered that fresh record, setting a new best mileage of 33.7 miles, and completing his own traverse in the process. Rudd reports that he never felt that he was in a race and is extremely happy that he has been able to complete the journey on his own terms and at his own pace. He spent his final two days “trying to absorb as much of Antarctica” as he could.

O'Brady met Rudd at the finish line and both men were able to secure pick-up on day 58. Now back at Union Glacier camp, the two men will try to regain weight and enjoy some creature comforts before flying back to South America.


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