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Tim Roberts

“Seriously Close and Scary Encounters With Lions”

Date: February 23, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (13.31°N, 14.23°W)

Powell and Roberts have successfully crossed Senegal's completely wild and untouched Nikoko-Koba National Park. Calling it "the biggest obstacle on our walk", Powell added they had "seriously close and scary encounters with lions." It took them four days to cross the park and they did so with two "amazing" park rangers, Solly and Abdou. Powell said they were tested to their limit in the exhausting heat.

The duo has now crossed the border from Senegal into The Gambia, the final country on their journey. Having walked 435 miles on the river so far, they are now well past the half-way point.

In the latest post, it is the first mention by Powell that, if completed, this would be a world's first walking of the Gambia River from source to sea.


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Footsteps on the Gambia

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Footsteps on the Gambia

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