Everywhere Man
Everywhere Man

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Brett Anderson Everywhere Man

Two Years In, Anderson Begins Final Phase

Date: June 26, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (39.10°N, 94.56°W)

June 6 marked a major milestone for Anderson, the two year anniversary of his Everywhere Man quest. It also marked the end of his current phase and goodbye to his mother who had been tagging along for his time in Iowa.

On June 10, it was time to set off on the final phase of his journey. His first day featured a leisurely drive to his brother's house in Omaha and a few final goodbyes. The next morning he headed for Kansas City along a route he knows well. Back in 2012, Anderson had chosen this route as his first foray into motorcycle touring and he was happy to revisit old memories during the drive.

In Kansas City, he chose a couple of iconic sights to visit with his bike, Annie. First up was the lawn of the Nelson-Atkins Museum, followed by some of the city's famous fountains. Anderson is an avid Kansas Chiefs fan, so the Arrowhead stadium made a fitting backdrop as his next location.

Having ticked off Kansas City, Anderson will soon be back on the bike and heading toward his next song location, the city of Joplin.


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Everywhere Man

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