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A Trip Through Western Brazil’s Unique Regions and Motorcycle ‘Gangs’

Date: September 20, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (7.51°S, 63.76°W)

Anderson's continued travel across Brazil was characterized by crossing three geographic zones: 1) the Cerrado, a dry, scrubby brush region, 2) the Pantanal, a delicate wetland region teaming with animals, and 3) a portion of the state of Amazonas in which he sampled a portion of the Amazon jungle.

This portion of the trip was also characterized by a lot of interaction, parties, rallies and hospitality by Brazilian motorcycle clubs, groups which seem to have a unique culture of their own. He was also again haunted by stomach issues which forced him to take a few days off, rest and recuperate, and drink less alcohol!

Anderson continued his travels with Guidini and Farelo whom we introduced in the last update. They traveled up to Brazil's capital city, Brazilia, a city built from scratch 50 years ago. It was here where Anderson finally found a new phone. As he traveled westward into the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso, he encountered cotton fields among other crops. In Cuiaba he connected with another motorcycle club buddy known as 'Pescador' (the fisherman).

His trip through the Pantanal wetlands region was given it's own blog page. He seemed to be on his own crossing through this region of rough dirt track and hundreds of rickety plank bridges over mostly submerged vegetation full of vibrant wildlife. The wildlife most prominently featured in his blog was the 'jacare', the local alligators which seemed to be everywhere. Also featured were plenty of parrots, tropical birds and a capybara, a very large rodent, who smugly and fearlessly sat among a group of basking jacare. There were jaguars in the region but none were spotted.

Though he found the great urge to work on his blog upon which he had fallen desperately behind, he continued to be constantly invited to dinners, parties and rallies, by friends upon friends connected to the motorcycle clubs. He and Pescador eventually headed north into the jungle-like wetlands of Amazonas State, more specifically the city of Humaita. Much of the Amazonas State portion of the trip centered around the River Madeira, the world's fifth largest river in terms of volume. He opted out of his original plans to cross further south through Bolivia and, instead he will soon head into Peru.




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