Everywhere Man
Everywhere Man

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Brett Anderson/Everywhere Man

Ombabika or Bust; Anderson’s Last Adventure

Date: February 04, 2020
Approximate GPS Location: (48.46°N, 89.30°W)

Anderson’s roundabout route home to Nebraska had already taken him north to Canada. Now, he is headed east, right back across the continent towards Ombabika, Ontario. Anderson had already visited Ombabika as song location 13 on his quest, but he had failed to find the fabled cemetery (the only thing remaining from the town). With new information as to its whereabouts, he wanted to put this right.

The road going to Ombabika closes in winter. Hoping to beat the weather, Anderson set himself a target of seven days to reach his destination. He crossed back into the USA and started to clock up the miles. Leaving Seattle, he passed by a fatal motorcycle accident, a sobering sight after so long on the road.

He rode through Washington and into the panhandle of Idaho, visiting friends and family along the way. Next was Montana, a deceptively huge state and a long ride. The weather was freezing and, uncharacteristically, Anderson spent a couple of nights in hotels to avoid shivering the night away in his tent.

North Dakota and Minnesota were his final stops in the USA before he crossed back into Canada and the state of Ontario. He had made good time so far and seemed in good spirits: “With Annie’s tires planted on foreign soil, the last adventure of this journey was about to begin. Ombabika or bust!”




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