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Brett Anderson/Everywhere Man

Nebraska Via Canada; Anderson is Heading Home

Date: January 24, 2020
Approximate GPS Location: (49.28°N, 123.12°W)

After completing Reno, Winnemucca and Crater Lake, Anderson had technically been to every song location on his list. The final stop, and last song location, would be his home state of Nebraska.

To get there he would first take a tour further north. Leaving the snow behind him, he dropped down from the Cascade mountains and crossed into Washington State. He was heading to Port Townsend at the tip of the Olympic Peninsula. Here he stayed with another ADV member (an online motorcycle community) called Brooks, and his wife Judy.

After one night in Port Townsend, Brooks joined Anderson as he rode towards the Canadian border. Together, they visited Padilla Bay. “Padilla” is mentioned in the Geoff Mack song, but Anderson had selected a town by this name in Colombia rather than Padilla Bay. Still, he stopped for some photos just in case.

After a spot of lunch, Brooks headed home and Anderson crossed into Canada to visit his sister in Vancouver. He made it through “suffocating traffic” and enjoyed some time off in the city. He was even able to fix his blown shock absorber. The part had failed way back in California, so he was relieved to finally take delivery of a new part and to stabilize his unusually bouncy bike!


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