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@Everywhere Man, Brett Anderson

In Brazil, Final ‘Foreign’ Places Mentioned In Song

Date: August 17, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (12.91°S, 42.91°W)

After reaching 'song' destinations in Argentina and Uruguay, Anderson entered Brazil to reach his two last foreign country destinations (he still has more remaining in the US). They are the towns of Diamantina and Salvador, Brazil.

However, soon after Anderson entered Brazil he was stymied by food poisoning. He struggled to travel for a few days and, fortunately, Brazilian "mothers" at a few of his first stops took him in and went to great personal pains to nourish him back to health.

His journey across Brazil was characterized first by corn and sugar-cane fields of red-earth soil. All of his travels here consisted of numerous encounters with friendly and hospitable local people.

He then ventured through megalopolises Sao Paolo and Rio, and numerous gorgeous beach locations along the coast. This was before heading inland to the steep cobblestone streets of the gold mining town, Ouro Preto.

Finally he arrived at the first of two 'song' destinations, Diamantina, a beautiful town full of interesting sights (unlike many other 'lackluster' 'song' destinations). 'Diamante' means diamond in Portuguese, but the obvious sight around town was lots of large quartz-like crystals. One of the main sights in the town is the quite beautiful and majestic colonial-era blue and white covered footbridge.

Anderson headed back to the coast, staying a night in a cabana. Finally he reached Salvador, the final 'song' location of his South American journey.




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