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Huge Steaks in Texas and Anderson Nears the Home Stretch

Date: August 25, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (38.62°N, 104.81°W)

Anderson left the big city lights of Houston and headed into the Texas hills. He enjoyed some beautiful countryside, though the surfaces were a little rough, slowing his progress. He also survived a close call with an unaware truck driver. The truck rolled through a stop-sign without spotting him. Fortunately, Anderson had anticipated the danger and was ready to brake hard.

His next song location would be the town of Amarillo, place number 80. On route, he made a quick stop at Palo Duro Canyon, the second largest canyon by volume in the US. Anderson had wanted to take the trail to the Lighthouse Rock, but temperatures in excess of over 100°F scuppered his plan.

Arriving in Amarillo he chose the “Big Texan Restaurant” as his official photo stop. He was joined by two more bikers for a feast. AJ, a Dutch biker he met on the road, even attempted the restaurant's famous 72 oz. steak challenge. He would need to finish the entire steak and a host of side dishes in under an hour to receive the meal free. Despite a valiant effort he eventually came up short.

After Amarillo, Anderson was able to return to complete the Lighthouse Rock trail before leaving the Lone Star state. Despite enjoying his stay, he still doesn't “get” the state, remarking that “any place so large and so full of attitude surely takes more than a couple of weeks to comprehend.”

Up next, New Mexico for place number 81, Santa Fe. One of the oldest cities in the US, Santa Fe had a wealth of sights for Anderson to take in. He visited the State Capital building, the oldest house in the US, the San Miguel Church and the Loretto Chapel which featured a spectacular, and allegedly miraculous, staircase.

Done with Santa Fe, he headed north through the mountains and straight into a fierce storm. He battled cross-winds and some flooded roads before entering Colorado. Though Colorado did need to be ticked off his list, he would also be taking a break from his quest for the annual Anderson family reunion. Family members from far and wide converged on the state and he enjoyed some welcome time off relaxing and catching up with everyone. After 19 days in the state, he will now return to his quest and his 10 remaining song locations.


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Everywhere Man

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