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Brett Anderson Everywhere Man

Anderson Visits the Birthplace of Route 66 and Starts his “Final Lap”

Date: July 08, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (37.68°N, 97.33°W)

Anderson chose to base himself in Joplin to tick off the next four song locations, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Springfield and Wichita. He selected to Joplin as it gave him an opportunity to catch up with old friends Adam and Natalie.

Anderson remarked that he always finds it tricky to pick a photo when a song location is an entire state. In Oklahoma, he felt something with a Native American theme would be best and choose Allan Houser’s sculpture, Sacred Rain Arrow.

Moving on to Tulsa he felt he had another perfect photo lined up, the Golden Driller. This huge golden statue made a fitting backdrop, “I had perhaps never been so sure of a song place picture” Anderson explained. With Tulsa and Oklahoma ticked off, Anderson officially crossed into the final quarter of his quest, with just 22 of the 92 Everywhere Man song locations to go.

There are a lot of towns called Springfield in the US, but Anderson felt the choice of Springfield, Missouri made the most sense; the town is the birthplace of the world-famous Route 66. With a cousin who lived in town, Anderson toured around the sights before moving on to Wichita.

In Wichita, he visited another famous birthplace, this time of Pizza Hut at the Wichita State University. However, for his photo, he selected the colossal 44-foot sculpture, The Keeper of the Plains built on the spot where the Big and Little Arkansas Rivers meet. That night Anderson found a free camp-site and pitched his tent, possibly for the first time since he was in Mato Grosso, Brazil. Thankfully, all the pieces still seemed to be in place and soon he'll be off to Dodge City, his next song location.




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