Everywhere Man
Everywhere Man

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Brett Anderson/Everywhere Man

Anderson goes to Prison; Four Song Locations To Go

Date: November 23, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (38.57°N, 121.48°W)

After a long pause, Anderson has updated followers on his Everywhere Man progress. We last heard from Anderson as he traveled through California with just five remaining song locations to go.

His next stop would be Bakersfield in Kern County, California. On his way to the city, he passed countless oil pumps, a sight that jarred with his perception of California as a climate-conscious state. Once in Bakersfield, he had a few choices for his “official” photo. Though he was tempted by a cobbler’s shop in a huge shoe, he eventually decided on the Bakersfield Arch.

From Bakersfield, he took a day off the bike to check out Sequoia National Park. From there, he headed north towards his next song destination, Reno, Nevada. But on the route, he had a couple more stops to check out. First, the town of Kingsburg. Kingsburg was originally a Swedish enclave and Anderson, himself of Swedish ancestry, enjoyed looking around the quaint town.

After Kingsburg, he headed to Yosemite National Park. Unfortunately, the traffic to enter the park proved a nightmare, and he spent more time queuing than sightseeing. He didn’t enjoy his visit and concluded that he was anxious to finish his quest. He vowed to focus on song locations for the remainder of his trip.

This focus didn’t last long. In the very next town, a chance encounter led him to try gold-panning! He headed out with new friend Mike to check out his claim and try his luck. He spent the day on the claim and left with some gold flakes in his back-pocket towards another side-stop, Sacramento.

Sacramento allowed for two relevant photo stops, a huge Johnny Cash mural in town, and then a visit to Folsom Prison, the site of two famous Cash concerts.

Back on the road to Reno, Anderson still has four song locations to go.




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