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Anderson Crosses South America With Mixed Fortune

Date: September 08, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (12.71°S, 46.42°W)

In a recent post, Anderson describes his trip to Salvador, Brazil, his last 'song destination' outside of the US. The town itself is one of The Americas' oldest, founded in 1549. It has beautiful colonial architecture and the culture, including food unique to the region, provided a lot to savor.

But it was a complicated time for Anderson. He had just received word that he lost a young man in his extended family back home and this had a direct effect on his emotional state. In his descriptions of Salvador, he seemed underwhelmed with the beaches, the dilapidated state of the historic architecture and the pushiness of street vendors and hawkers. After 5 days of sampling and photo-documenting his stay in the city for the sake of the 'song' quest, he was ready to move on.

As he departed the city to make his way back to the US he expressed self-criticism at not having explored Salvador more thoroughly.

Anderson has put in a great deal of effort researching the options for how to return to the US to continue his quest for the last remaining 'I've Been Everywhere' song destinations. It appears that it will likely be a combination of riding across South America and possible shipping of his bike from Peru or Colombia.

With this in mind he ventured off on his trip east-to-west across the South American continent. The trip was checkered with a few unfortunate events but also quite serendipitous, fortunate happenings.

Meeting the right friends may be one of the most valuable aspects of any journey, and Anderson happened upon a rendezvous with two great cross-country, biking partners, Brazilians, Guidini and Farelo. Meeting these two would alter his trip as well as his fate.

Perhaps the most detrimental event occurred while swimming in a gorgeous, azure underground lake called Poco Azul near colonial town, Lencois. Anderson had forgotten that his phone, chosen specifically for its effectiveness for this multi-country trip, was left in his jacket pocket and was completely destroyed by the submersion. He is carrying other phones and is currently adapting.

Later he found that a ball-bearing in his front wheel was damaged, the fixing of which is a very expensive, timely proposition. Luckily he had altered his journey to join Guidini and Farelo. They were able to remedy the situation in a half a day and for only $12!

Anderson's current blog-story line places him about a third of the way across Brazil at the border of the Bahia and Tocantins States.


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