Everywhere Man

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Brett Anderson/Everywhere Man

Anderson Can Now Claim to Have Been Everywhere, Man

Date: January 02, 2020
Approximate GPS Location: (42.93°N, 122.10°W)

Fresh off fashioning a sign in Winnemucca, Anderson rode towards Oregon with just two song locations remaining.

It was a warmish 50°F when he set out, but the temperature soon dropped, and he was forced to layer up. Gradually, the cold rain turned to sleet and snow. Anderson could barely believe it. Snow in September, in Nevada! He could only laugh at his bad luck.

By the time he had reached the Oregon border the weather had improved, only to turn wintery again as he reached the base of the Cascade Mountains. He was heading for Crater Lake National Park, his penultimate song location.

Before he drove to the lake, he spent a night in a cabin on the edge of the park. The cabin was owned by another member of the ADV group (an online biker community) called Bill. Together, they drove up to the lake the next morning in snowy conditions.

They proceeded cautiously as the altitude crept up, eventually arriving at the visitor’s centre. The ring road was closed due to the snow, but the rim overview was open. They debated whether to risk going further. Ultimately, Anderson decided they were too close to give up without trying. They inched their way up and were rewarded with spectacular views over the deepest lake in the US.

Bill crossed off the song location on Anderson’s bike and they celebrated a huge milestone. While technically Anderson still has one song location to go, that location is his home state of Nebraska.

Anderson was overjoyed: “At this moment, I could honestly make the claim: I’ve been Everywhere, Man.”


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