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Pete Casey

Old-Growth Rainforest Crossing, Major Milestone City Pucallpa

Date: November 27, 2020
Approximate GPS Location: (8.39°S, 74.56°W)

After our last update, Casey continued to report highly variable terrain with mountains and canyons and more pristine jungle than previously encountered. Casey said it was "the most remote and challenging rainforest [he's] seen to date." Though difficult walking, they continued to have their eyes set on the major milestone city, Pucallpa, which was still about 20 miles away across challenging terrain.

This leg they have been experiencing drought, Casey remembers it only raining once in the month of October. Guide Pizarro, an indigenous native of the region, said he has never known it to be this dry. Most of the streams were dry, and sometimes they would descend deep into precarious canyons in search of water.

On October 28 they made one stop in a town to rest, resupply and repair their kit, particularly mosquito nets and clothes which were chewed into tatters by leaf cutter ants.

Then it was onward through more precarious terrain. Casey said Pizzaro was traversing along steep slopes as if he had "the DNA of a mountain goat". At one point, all they could do was crawl since it was all tangled forest.

Next, they were up for a 6km (3.73 mile) swim across the Ucayali Amazon. They were pleased to discover a logging track that led right up to Pucallpa. Despite the ease, they had to take an 11km (6.84 mile) diversion to avoid a track crossing a large palm oil plantation because "[they] could be shot at!"

Once at a stop in a small pueblo a child exclaimed about Casey, “The gringo has six toes.” Casey replied: “No, Es una ampolla (a blister) we’ve just walked 35K [21.75 miles].”

On November 24, the two of them walked into Pucallpa, the second-largest city on the Peruvian Amazon after Iquitos. Although Pizzaro is not at all used to city life, both are happy to have reached this major milestone.


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