Ascent of the Amazon
Ascent of the Amazon

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Pete Casey

A Mysterious Community, Dehydration, Detained by Military Police

Date: September 10, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (4.36°S, 70.19°W)

In his effort to close in on the last remaining Amazon stretch to the Peruvian border, Casey tells a story of the many ups and downs crossing through Ticuna indigenous villages and difficult jungle. The ever diminishing stretch of Brazil that needs to be crossed is still vexing as he crosses with his latest guides, Crispin and Jonny. The narrative begins on a hill with gorgeous views above the rainforest canopy and a nearby lake.

Travelling onward to a village called Nova Informa do Urua, they met four hunters who told them about an elusive island community named Tupi - not on any maps, but which was full of amenities. Though they had eaten a lot of barbecued fish the previous night, they already felt famished and exhausted. Gathering 'amenities' sounded like a great way to invigorate their diminishing energy.

However, reaching this mysterious community was a menacing ordeal. With the hunters in front with their guns, they trekked for 10 hours through nearly impenetrable, tangled swamps without water sources. Darkness started to fall and there were no reasonable places to set camp - all tangled vines and spikey palms over muddy swamp. Crispin completely vanished, but after a desperate search, the others realized he had saved the day by finding a muddy puddle of water, which, appearance notwithstanding, greatly slaked their thirst.

Next day they did however find the seemingly fabled Tupi community and it was there that Casey bought three chickens and a wealth of foodstocks. Casey with the two guides said goodbye to all but one of the hunters and parted ways.

Casey's guide situation was again going through transitions that were a threat to a smooth-flowing journey. Crispin and Jonny once again had to leave to visit their families and September 7 was the time for an important Ticuna festival. They promised to return. Their parting, however, necessitated that all three go to the village of Feijoal, a choice which they would later regret.

Dehydrated, exhausted and with blisters and sores, as they walked into Feijoal they were soon surrounded by the local tribe's indigenous police and marched to the chief (cacique). They were detained and interrogated. As reported in our previous updates, supposedly the way had been cleared by a high court for Casey to pass through all Ticuna indigenous regions. The chief of Feijoal had not been informed and apparently the authorities were not happy. They were considering contacting Brazilian authorities, a move which could get Casey deported. Crispin saved the day by having a several hour discussion with the authorities which led to Casey's release.

As we conclude, the plan was then for Crispin and Jonny to return after their festivities to trek to Atalaia do Norte on the winding Javari River, which straddles the Brazil-Peru border.

In a late, breaking-news tweet, Casey remarks about how difficult it is to understand everyone speaking Spanish (he has become well-versed in Portuguese, but only in Portuguese). The 'Spanish' reference was a subtle hint that he has already made it to Peru.


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