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Pete Casey

Glimpses of Craziness, Ticks and Rising Floodwaters

Date: December 08, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (6.69°S, 75.09°W)

For the past month, we have only been able to get glimpses of the erratic craziness occurring on Casey's journey. Glimpses only shown through his sporadic tweets. At the beginning of November, Jorge had returned from his young brother's funeral.

Floodwaters are rising around this portion of the Amazon and Casey has had "risky and terrifying" swims through flooded forest. Twice, he has reported being bitten all over by swarms of ticks (in addition to his usual mosquito bites).

On December 6, he offered an obscure tweet about "infections, injections and reflections" leaving us to wonder if it might have been related to the ticks.

Additionally, he commented about "shotgun traps", followed by "an aborted SOS call".

Finally, the last bit of craziness was about, "howler monkeys, snakes, bats, falling trees and fast-rising rivers," as well as "losing and breaking [his] kit, [and] money worries."

We receive the most substantive information from Casey when he writes a blog. He mentioned on November 17 that there was "a new blog coming soon," but then on December 6, he said the next blog would be in a few weeks.

As often seems to be the case, Casey writes about his dire experiences and tragedies, tinged with upbeat happiness: "Pain, tears, fears and laughter," he said.


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