Ascent of the Amazon
Ascent of the Amazon

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Pete Casey

First Post-Lockdown Travel In Pristine Jungle, Walls of Rock, Waterfalls, And Abundant Wildlife

Date: October 27, 2020
Approximate GPS Location: (8.05°S, 74.89°W)

Casey is finally on the move again after having laid low for six months of the pandemic by residing in a small community while doing small jobs and farming for rent and food.

He is now making a push for Pucallpa, the largest city on the Peruvian Amazon. He is reunited with his previous guide, Pizarro who harks from an indigenous Amazon region where they speak Kapanawa. As they travel, Casey has been making an attempt to learn the language.

Casey remarked that this stretch of the Amazon is particularly mountainous. They have encountered "lots of V steep hills/mountains" which prompted them to take ibuprofen for their sore leg muscles. They have also made a point to avoid pueblo towns due to the potentially dangerous xenophobia that could be held toward outsiders and their perceived likelihood to have covid-19.

On October 14, Casey reported that he finally reached the furthest place he had made it to last March but it took him three attempts to do so.

While Casey complained on October 17 that freshly chopped-down jungle had resulted in "dense and tangled" regrowth, from the 21 to the 26 of October he reported "untouched forested mountains" and "pristine jungle, towering walls of rock, waterfalls, deep canyons, crystal clear [rivers] and abundant wildlife."

Among his other interesting encounters were a bright-green leech that moved at "light speed", spider monkeys throwing sticks and the "grunting" of a jaguar. Their camp has been recently invaded by termites while his mosquito net was penetrated by leaf-cutter ants.


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