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Pete Casey

Extreme Jungle Brings Trek to Snail’s Pace; Emergency Halts Expedition

Date: November 01, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (5.56°S, 74.67°W)

On September 22, Casey and his guide Jorge headed off on the next leg of their journey, a 190-mile (300 km) trek through solid jungle to his next milestone, the town of Orellana, Peru. This town is a little over halfway to the next large city on the Ucayali Amazon, the city of Pucallpa.

But the jungle proved extraordinarily thick with vegetation and overgrowth. As their progress was a meager 550 yards (1/3 mile or 500 meters) per day, on October 12 they opted for higher ground. Casey commented it was "more remote, more wildlife, more risk, more hills," but he hoped that the terrain would be easier.

On October 24 he tweeted that their progress was still incredibly slow and that a "roller-coaster of events" had occurred.

Unfortunately, a few days later they received tragic news that Jorge's younger brother died at only 32 years of age. Jorge had to rush home and the expedition is currently on hold awaiting Jorge's return from his brother's funeral.


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