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Arctic Cowboys/West Hansen

Arctic Cowboys Abort in the Northwest Passage

Date: August 29, 2022
Approximate GPS Location: (73.04°N, 85.14°W)

The Arctic Cowboys' attempt to kayak the entire Northwest Passage in a single season didn’t last long. Rebekah Feaster dropped out just a few days in and now Jeff Wueste and West Hansen have followed suit.

It was already looking rough for the team in our last update. They were struggling to put in enough miles per day and encountering larger-than-expected swells. The team had built some rest days into their schedule, but soon found they were having to sit out days at a time because of the wind and waves.

Methodically, they worked their way along the coast of Bylott Island. However, by the time they approached the tiny hamlet of Arctic Bay, it was apparent that their expedition was on borrowed time. They were picked up and taken to the village where they made the difficult decision to end their journey.

In a statement on their website, Wueste and Hansen explained that they would head back to Texas but would like to give the Northwest Passage another go. Perhaps next year they’ll have better luck?


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