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Alice Morrison

Unique Customs and the High Atlas Mountains

Date: October 14, 2020
Approximate GPS Location: (32.15°N, 5.62°W)

From the Rekkam plateau, Alice Morrison, with her three guides and six camels, has navigated towards the Finger of Heaven. They found themselves in an “open landscape, cracked with hidden canyons” as they headed toward the mountain, shaped like a finger pointing skyward.

Progress was slow; the camels cannot be rushed and are unable to navigate anything too steep. Eventually, they emerged into villages on the edge of the Atlas Mountains. Here they were greeted warmly, with whole villages turning out to see who had arrived. Morrison writes that they needed to be cautious moving through because of an unusual local custom. It is believed that by running under a camel you can “banish fear”. Mothers even handed over their babies to be passed under a camel!

They managed to avoid trampling any children and were soon heading up into the mountains, reaching as high as 9,500ft. As of October 9, Morrison estimates that they are two-thirds of the way through their quest.


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