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Alice Morrison

Dinosaurs in the Desert

Date: October 28, 2020
Approximate GPS Location: (32.15°N, 5.62°W)

Morrison and her team are nearing the finish line on their Moroccan Odyssey. With just a third of the journey to go, Morrison wanted to focus on one of the “big-ticket aims” for the expedition, finding dinosaurs in Morocco!

Jean-Pierre, the man behind much of the trip’s logistics, had some GPS coordinates that should yield dinosaur tracks. They made camp in an old shepherd’s enclosure nearby and set off into the gorge the next morning to try and track down the prints.

Morrison had a rough start to the day. She awoke covered in big red bites, no doubt from unwanted guests in the shepherd’s camp. The guides soon found the prints but there was a final hurdle to cross if Morrison wanted a good view; the dinosaur footprints were high on a near-vertical rock face.

The group roped up and started to climb. The climb was nerve-wracking but “the excitement of putting my hand actually into one of the prints, alleviated the terror momentarily,” Morrison explained. Coming down was harder and she found that her body, despite being safely held by guide Ychou, had frozen. It took some time to edge back along the rockface but she was eventually back on flat ground and elated by the find.

With just a couple of weeks of the expedition left, she was keen to now look for her own prints. They spent the rest of the day hunting around the surrounding area. They found at least five potential sites, all appearing to show new dinosaur tracks.

After their successful search, it was back to the camels and onwards toward the end of their journey; Morrison estimates that they will finish in ten days.


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