14/7 Project Possible

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14/7 Project Possible

‘Possible’ Rises From Ashes With Secret Surprise Summiting of Nanga Parbat

Date: July 12, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (35.24°N, 74.58°E)

For a project that was thought by many 'dead in the water', it was a pleasant surprise to learn Nims is now back on track having summited peak number 7 out of the 14 over-8000m (26,247ft) peaks.

It was surprising news that Nims had summited Nanga Parbat, 26,660ft (8,126m) in Pakistan because he had announced in early June that the project was on hold due to lack of funding and followers had not heard anything new from him since then.

Bremont Watches has stepped up to the occasion and helped fund Nims and enable him to do phase two of the expedition, that of conquering the peaks of Pakistan's Karakoram Range. Bremont now becomes the title sponsor of Project Possible.

"Without this support, I would have no longer been able to continue in my endeavour," said Nims, "Thank you Bremont for believing in me and Project Possible once again.”

Nims said the climb was kept secret for security reasons. Nanga Parbat has had problems in the past with climbers murdered by terrorists.

The climb is Nim's 7th summit in just over four weeks.


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14/7 Project Possible

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  1. eddy de wilde July 17, 2019

    Nims makes these climbs look like trekking peaks, most spend months planning each expedition. Veni,Vidi Vici

  2. Greg Michaels August 1, 2019

    He sure does make them look like a walk in the park!!


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