14/7 Project Possible

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14/7 Project Possible

Nims Conquers 4 Remaining Pakistan Summits; 2019’s First Summitting Of K2!

Date: July 26, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (35.81°N, 76.56°E)

Nims has accomplished the unthinkable. After the surprise summiting of Nanga Parbat (July 6) described in our last update, he raced overland by vehicle, donkey and on foot. Nanga Parbat is located far away from the other Pakistan 'eight-thousanders' (peaks over 8000m (26,247ft)).

It must have been an interesting trip. After being stalled due to lack of funding, Nims and his team had to move fast to make up for the lost time.

Although he said his donkeys moved slowly (five hours behind schedule each day), Nims said the team took only three days to cover a distance that usually takes eight days. Their vehicle also had mechanical problems and there were unexpected roadblocks. Finally, Nims decided everyone was to just walk and carry their own complete climbing kits. They did so for 25 miles until they were finally assisted by porters from Concordia Expeditions.

Exhausted from this journey and with little sleep, Nims and his team did what seemed to be a speed climb of Gasherbrum I (26,509ft; 8080m) and Gasherbrum II (26,362ft; 8035m), having completed both by July 18. "The team had to overcome some extreme and challenging experiences at G1," said Nims, but so far he has not provided details.

Next Nims was torn between attempting K2 or Broad Peak.

Conditions were difficult at K2 and no one had made the summit yet this season. Broad Peak would have been the easier of the two. For K2, Nims and his team would have to set the route. Other climbers, amassed at basecamp, had not dared to fix the route higher than Camp 4. Basically they would have to be "guinea pigs" through the treacherous avalanche zones. When they arrived at basecamp most of the other teams were packing up and leaving. It was one of the first times we heard Nims express nervousness.

"If I say I’m not nervous at all about leading the summit fixing team on K2, then I’m lying. I have seen the video clips and the images and I’m fully aware of the risks. I also know that some great climbers who I look up to have given up."

Nims finally decided on doing K2 first because he had a strong team with him and "a lot of hope" at that moment. He had two sherpas from 7 Summits Treks and three sherpas from Project Possible (Nims includes himself as a sherpa).

On July 24, Nims and his team successfully summitted K2, the world's second-highest peak at 28,261ft; 8614m.

"Once again Project Possible team made the impossible possible, as a result of positive mindset with [utmost] determination, teamwork and leadership."

Not skipping a beat, Nims and his team were off again, with a successful Broad Peak summit (26,401ft; 8047m) on July 26.

If it was not for the '11th-hour' funding help of Bremont Watches, the 'Pakistan' eight-thousanders would have not have been possible. This now brings Nims' total peak tally to 11 of the 14 peaks over 8000m. He has summited the 11 in just a little over three months. Nims and his teams' sets of accomplishments continue to dazzle and amaze. This is certainly an incredible and historical feat of human endurance.


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14/7 Project Possible

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