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14/7 Project Possible

Annapurna Avalanche Temporarily Buries Sherpa

Date: April 07, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (28.58°N, 83.85°E)

Purja has begun the first of his 14 'eight-thousander' climbs on Nepal's Annapurna. He and his Nepalese sherpa team have now made it to camp 3. But this was after a nerve-wracking day of 8 avalanches, 3 of which were dangerously close and one which buried one of the sherpas, Tashi, who is now fine, if a bit shaken.

Purja and his team then decided to set completely new routes to camp 3, a total deviation from the traditional 'Dutch' route.

Purja reminds us that Annapurna is very dangerous and prone to avalanches.


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14/7 Project Possible

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