Two Steps Towards Others
Two Steps Towards Others

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Deux Pas Ver L'Autre

Snow and Gales in the Velebit Mountains

Date: February 03, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (44.78°N, 14.96°E)

Marie and Nil have welcomed their 15th guest of the expedition. Antoine, a friend from Paris, will accompany them for a week through Croatia's Velebit mountain range.

Antoine arrived with a bad case of bronchitis and his opening couple of days proved tough. Locals had warned of snow, abrupt weather changes and the fearsome “bura” wind which could reach up to 200km/h. Nevertheless, they opted to press on.

The three hikers made their way up from sea-level into the Northern Velebit National Park, staying in the Zavižan weather station and enjoying a spectacular sunset. Despite the cold, the mountain air seemed to revive Antoine and they have continued to make progress through a region they have described as “the most beautiful place in Croatia” so far.


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