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Deux Pas Vers L’Autre

A Few Surprises In Switzerland

Date: September 23, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (42.25°N, 7.96°E)

After crossing the Monte Moro Pass from Italy into Switzerland with Matthieu, Marie and Nils crossed through the beautiful Saas region and valley on their way to Brig, a medium-sized Alpine town of 28000 people. They stayed with a guy named Kim and Matthieu departed.

Soon after, they visited the Aletsch Glacier, the Alps' largest. They had a spectacular experience actually walking 'on' the massive glacier remarking, "you think you've arrived on another planet". The glacier is 14 miles long, such that they would walk for hours without leaving the world of the glacier and peering down ice holes that could easily have measured 3000 feet deep!

But upon entry into Switzerland the trekkers were met with a few unexpected changes. The first was that, when they hiked several days up to Glishorn, a peak with a spectacular view over the valley, the temperatures dropped precipitously. They had to deal with quite frosty temperatures compared to how their journey had been so far. The realization was that 'autumn has come' and that they would need to figure out how to adapt to the conditions.

Another aspect, they had been carrying bags called '1 Kilogram for the Planet' to collect trash on mountain trails. Happily, upon reaching Switzerland, surprisingly their bags were mostly empty!

Lifestyle was also quite a bit different. Bars were not open late, so there were fewer opportunities to connect with other people. Lastly, and perhaps more expectedly, everything is more expensive. They anticipate it will be a challenge and they will make more effort to sidestep costs.


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