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Arnaud Maldague

Polar Bear Attack, Frostbite, Now A Baby Carriage?

Date: May 29, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (57.30°N, 94.16°W)

Arnaud has experienced the full fury of the Arctic in his 105 days and 900 miles crossing by human power from one of North America's most northern villages.

He was the victim of a middle-of-the-night polar bear attack that left his tent and mattress with gaping tears. He was holed up during several blizzards and sufferred frostbite on his big toe delaying him 12 days in Naujaat waiting for it to heal after skin had to be cut off.

Beginning the journey in Kugaarut he first battled slowness and the pulling the excessive weight of his sled and but also with lack of confidence about the journey as a whole.

Once further south, however, he was able to harness the winds with his snow-kite, an implementation that increased his speed 3-fold. He basically followed the western shore of Hudson Bay southward.

He had to hurry though to make it south before the snow melted, rendering the rivers impassible. He did indeed make it and ended up in Churchill, Manitoba on Hudson Bay.

A new phase of the journey has begun now with him switching from skis to full-suspension mountain bike at Churchill. There are no roads, but there is an old, unused railroad track which he is following to get 150 miles to a town called Gillam.

His supplies, which he had been toting in a sled, are now in his backpack which he says is prohibitively heavy. His makeshift solution? A baby carriage! Toting it behind his bike, he says it works but it's really a "very bumpy, body shaking, maddening ride!"


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  1. Dixie Dansercoer June 10, 2018

    We are all her to support you Arnaud. However far away and virtual we may seem, you must feel our energy through this message!