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Nick Butter

North Korean Marathon “Bitterly Cold and Bleak”

Date: April 16, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (39.03°N, 125.67°E)

Butter left colorful, lively South America to run a marathon in bleak North Korea and then flew back to get his last Americas' country, Ecuador!

It may have been a culure shock of 'gray' as Butter suddenly encountered 30°F temps and an hour of falling snow on a run he characterized as "grim". He found the views of Pyongyang quite remarkable however.

The run culminated in a stadium of 40000 spectators in dark gray, blue and black, whose unusually synchronized clapping was choreographed by a conductor. The spectacle concluded with a speech from a minister of sports. Butter pulled his achilles in the race and will be monitoring the injury.


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