Pedalling the Planet
Pedalling the Planet

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Vedangi Kulkarni

Snowy Race Across Russia

Date: November 29, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (54.81°N, 54.90°E)

After spending extra time in the Arctic far north of Finland waiting for her Russian visa, Kulkarni, was finally ready to tear across Russia.

As she headed out from Helsinki, Finland, her pictures tell a story of mostly snowy highways. She was constantly reminded of her imminent danger as cars skidded around her, and she said "stopping [her own bike] could actually mean death".

She says she was stopped nine times by police officers who wanted to check all of her equipment and documents. This she would not have minded, she says, if it hadn't been for the taking off of her gloves, freezing her hands in the 5°F air.

She made her way through Samara, on the Volga River, ending up in Ufa, in the Urals. In Ufa, a man named Bulat gave her a TV interview and helped her with all the logistics of packing a bike for a plane, suggesting that Kulkarni is on her way flying to her next destination, wherever that may be.


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