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Vedangi Kulkarni

Kulkarni Passes Half-Way Point; On Track for World Record

Date: September 13, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (48.08°N, 80.19°W)

In our last update, Kulkarni was in British Columbia heading east battling smoke from forest fires. Now she is already a good portion of her way across Canada, but not without challenges and a few colorful stories.

Apparently her instinct was to swerve across three lanes of traffic upon encountering a grizzly bear with cub at the side of the road outside Golden, British Columbia.

After a day of terrible cross-winds in Saskatchewan she reached Elkhorn, Manitoba only to find that the one motel in town was closed. She knocked on the door of a home next-door for information, but the family inside, a couple and their very young children, made the decision to take her in and feed her. Energized from the stay, she was well-prepared to tackle the next day.

She has since crossed two more time zones and the last we heard, she was in the province of Ontario, with the celebratory announcement that she had finally reached the half-way point of her journey.

Despite being significantly slowed by numerous visa problems, the Australian stomach bug, and breathing problems from British Columbian smoke, she has made it 9020 miles in 55 days. If she keeps at this rate, this puts her on target for having the fastest around-the-world cycling time by a woman.


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