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Out of Eden

Manikin Declined to be Interviewed by Salopek

Date: August 03, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (28.10°N, 77.15°E)

Salopek heads further south into Rajisthan, India, on a beeline for Jaipur and Agra, as it appears he may be avoiding New Delhi.

Many of his recent experiences have been associated with Indian truckstops and roadside restaurants called dhabas. He has also recorded Milestone 56 in Gobindgarh.

While it is Salopek's standard procedure to interview the first nearby people upon reaching a milestone, the would-be interviewees threw him for a loop this time. The two women looked surprised, immediately ran into their house and slammed the door.

Salopek suggested their scuttling may have had something to do with him being "hot and sweaty and [smelling] of pack donkey", adding that he and his walking partner "must have looked a fright". With no one left to interview, he had no other choice but to interview a gorgeous-dress manikin, remarking, "The first person encountered at this Milestone was a woman who declined to be interviewed."


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