Out of Eden

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Paul Salopek

India: New Country, New Partner, New Milestone

Date: May 26, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (31.62°N, 74.84°E)

Salopek takes his first steps into India. What stands out the most? "The sacred cows wandering loose everywhere, and ... women riding motorbikes", adding, "that wasn’t something you saw in Pakistan". Nearing Amritsar, the spiritual capital for Indian Sikhs, Salopek walks the trunk road, claiming it is sweltering and full of constant engine noise from traffic.

With the new country, he has a new walking partner, Arati Kumar Rao, a woman who is a nature photographer. In other news he marked his 55th milestone and the first man he saw there was Mr. Singh, a carpenter who lives there making doors and shelves, "...do you see that doorway? That’s my place", he said.


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Out of Eden

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