Ascent of the Amazon
Ascent of the Amazon

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Pete Casey

Arrested and Sent Back!

Date: October 14, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (4.30°S, 69.68°W)

Casey, on his final leg to the Peruvian border, has been arrested, searched and sent back! His previous walking guides, Crispin and Jonny, failed to show up as they had promised. Then Casey reported he had a new FUNAI Ticuna guide (FUNAI being the government body carrying out policies related to indigenous people).

But then suddenly on October 7th, Casey reported his arrest and sending back, presumably to Feijoal. Casey adds that he is now waiting for permission to continue and that it could be a really long wait. This is particularly frustrating since all he needs is to complete this last final leg to the Peruvian border. But rains are increasing with the onset of the rainy season - conditions that could prevent him from making the journey.


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Ascent of the Amazon

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Ascent of the Amazon

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Ascent of the Amazon

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